Forsaken and Forgiven

I am amazed every time I learn about the depth of God’s word. So many times we read His words so lightly that we miss the personal teaching straight from His mouth.

I will never forget when I first met my husband and we felt in love. He wrote me a letter expressing the depth of his feelings and he said something I will never forget: “Luciane I feel that the scales of my life are even out now”.  He was trying to tell me that all the unfairness, injustice, unforgiving, and disappointments in life were then lighter because love was overflowing his life. During the season of “falling in love” we can easy forgive because LOVE is not forsaken.

I believe with God it’s the same way. When we first receive His love everything in our lives is more balanced. And for while the reflection of HIS love shine in all we do because our heart overflows with compassion and brokenness. Love is in charge, love is ruling.  However as we grow older in love, we fall to the comfort of security once conquered by LOVE and all of sudden LOVE is no longer ruling anymore. Instead LOVE becomes a shadow of its conquered heart.

I believe that is what God is saying to Ephesus and for us. Remember when love was ruling your life and repent from walking only knowing that I am your love and let I that is LOVE rule your heart again.