The Weapons We Fight With…

“The weapons we fight with are the not the weapons of the world.”

One of my pastimes is to read about wellness. I just love to read how the body works, and how God has left us with such vast quantities of plants and minerals to promote health to our body.

This week I was reading about how viruses and bacteria do not cause illness IF your immune system is working properly. I was also reading our SOAP for this week about the weapons Jesus has empowered us to fight with.

Just as the body has a built-in army called our immune system to fight the enemies we don’t see, the Lord has also given us a “spiritual immune system” with weapons to fight an enemy that is also invisible to the human eye. The Lord has equipped us with:

The Belt of Truth that keeps our “core” together and intact. The Breastplate of Righteousness that protects our heart from this deceiving idea from the evil one that we are destined to die as a sinners. The Gospel of Peace that prepares us to go forward leaving His grace imprinted on others as we journey. The Shield of Faith that repels the arrows sometimes called circumstances that try to deny the power of God in our lives. The Helmet of Salvation that seals our mind and gives direction to our destiny, knowing that one day the helmet will be replaced for a crown. Also,The Sword of the Spirit, that enables us, through His word and prayer to have an open door to heaven where we commune with the Holy Spirit, who sustains and edifies us. It keeps us strong

Let’s encourage one another to keep this system working properly. How is your “immune system” today?