We Belong….To the King!

“The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children”

Facts vs. Truth

So many times my eyes testify the shape, size and color of the facts around me. They are cold facts.  Sometimes it’s my own body that is fighting pain and stress and many times it’s the loved ones around me that are struggling with terrible feelings of depression, illness, unhappiness, brokenness and sorrow. My eyes testify the nature of the flesh and it can be overwhelming and debilitating if I allow these facts to settle in my heart.

However, The Truth that testifies who I really am.. I am the righteousness of Christ and by His stripes I am healed.  Every part of my being is already healed whether is physical, emotional, financial or relational.  This is a TRUTH THAT CANNOT CHANGE.  It may be a fact what my eyes see, but facts CAN BE CHANGED. This is the Spirit of power, love and sound of mind. This is the Spirit that is not making accusations about us but He is testifying to our spirit – remembering t that every single requirement that was needed to place us in wholeness again with God has been paid – 100% in full. Our identity has been restored.

I have never paid much attention to the parallel proprieties of the wind and the Holy Spirit. So I closed my eyes and I transported my mind to a joyful place for me at the beach. The wind can be furious or calm, it can move the water, it can soothe or stir up my spirit….and then I thought about God breathing the first wind into Adam’s nostrils and a warm thought embraced me:  Could it be, that the air God first breathed into Adam, which not only gave him life like the other animals, but also gave him his identity with the Holy Spirit testifying,  “this is My child” and he is now whole with his Creator?  When I made this relation to the Holy Spirit I felt Inexplicable joy!  The Spirit was once removed because of sin, but Jesus said it’s necessary that I go so I can send the Spirit. …. “and The Spirit came down in a mighty rushing wind…

So, you might be facing some kind of facts and its own form of life, but I would like to encourage you today to let the Truth of the Spirit settle in your heart and we will hear the report that John the Baptist heard. “The blind receive sight, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and the poor have the gospel preached to them”. What an amazing TRUTH.